Sweet treats, popcorn, candy floss, slush and sweet hire in Belfast.

As the event season kicks off our horse box is picking up a lot of bookings. Our one of a kind horse box is a complete head turner at any fun day. The bright graffiti really sets it off and internally it’s kitted out to the highest spec.

From our horsebox we serve lots of sweet treats. Popcorn, candy floss, slush, drinks, crisps, sweets, pucker powder and more can all be purchased. This year we are getting lots of bookings where we sell on the day and offer a percentage of our profits to the customer. Alternatively we can pay a pitch fee directly to the organiser depending on the foot fall.

Our corporate clients prefer to pay per amount of guests. They will give us the total amount of portions of each item and we can then give an accurate quote. Any of the above options are viable, so if you would like a quote or to discuss things further, please get in touch.

Tel 07578978443

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