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The classic Rodeo Bull hire option – also known as a mechanical bull – has been twisting and rocking us since its invention in the 1930s and it’s not run out of steam yet, still topping the charts as one of the most popular hires at all kinds of events. All you need to do is straddle the Bucking Bronco and hold on tight as the ride begins and you’ll either find yourself thrown from the bull onto to the inflatable bed or riding your heifer to victory as you get into the zone and anticipate its every move.

Controlled by our trained Fun Expert, the Bucking Bronco can twist and turn in every direction, so we ensure that all aspect of safety are considered. The back of the bull’s head is padded and should a rider be thrown from the bull, the movement is instantly stopped once the controller releases the joystick. We also ensure that the Bull is ridden by people who can handle the experience, so those who are too young, too small, or too drunk, won’t be able to ride. Safe fun is good fun!

The Rodeo Bull can be used in both indoor and outdoor events, providing you have the space available and, should the weather decide to be a bit belligerent that day, we can also provide an Inflatable Canopy to ensure that everyone still has a great time. The controller unit also features a timer, so we can record how long you’ve ridden the beast!

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