bouncy castle hire belfast
bouncy castle hire belfast
bouncy castle hire belfast

Dash n’ Grab 6 player (hungry hippos)


Dash n’ Grab is up to a 6 player game. Inspired by the popular children’s game of Hungry Hippos we bring you a high energy and competitive collecting game. DASH forward from your station and GRAB the balls from the central pit. The aim of the game is to fill up your net as quick as possible with as many balls as you can before your opponents! Not as easy as it seems when you are attached to a bungee cord that just wants to pull you right back to where you started. This is one of the most versatile fast paced games and it is destined to be one of our most popular games of all time with customers from every sector including the Corporate and Event Market.

There is no time to waste! DASH and GRAB yours now!!!

LxWxH (ft): 34.44 x 36.736 x 8.528

No of users  up to and over 1.25m: 6

No. of users up to  and over 1.5m: 6



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