Inflatable games hire in Belfast Northern Ireland for events and private hire.

Here at funky fun we have a huge range of inflatable games to choose from. Our human

Hungry hippos is one of the most exciting games that we own. Six players are strapped to bungee ropes and have to dive into a middle pond to retrieve the balks. We also have the twin lane bungee run where two players go head to head and take a leap of faith to see who can place the marker the furthest.

Our first mechanical game is our last man standing. Two arms rotate at different levels trying to knock the participants down. Do not take your eyes off the arms as they can suddenly change direction and catch you unaware!

The wrecking ball is a must have for four players. Again this item is huge and has four podiums. Players then use the huge ball to try and knock their opponents off their perch. Slightly similar to the wrecking ball is our gladiator. Again two players stand on podiums with two pugel sticks and try to dislodge their opponents.

One of our favourites from last year has to be our unclimbable ladder. Players go head to head racing to the top to ring the bell. Slow and steady is the name of this game but if it is to easy we can always alter the difficulty level.

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