Hiring bouncy castles in Belfast and Northern Ireland for summer events.

Funky Fun have one of the biggest selections of bouncy castles to hire in Belfast and Northern Ireland. We have such a wide range of inflatables to choose from that we can accommodate most event requests.

We are always looking at bringing the latest and most unique inflatables to the market. Last year we brought you the sweeper and and unclimbable ladder but our favourite and the first in Northern Ireland was our huge human Hungry hippos, which was a huge success.

Unfortunately in our industry you cannot rest as your competitors are always on your heels. Instead you have to think big and unique. This year we turned our focus on larger event inflatables and bought our huge fifteen foot platform, rainbow events slide. We then wanted some other eye catching equipment and decided on a large play zone that had caught our eye, with amazing artwork. Both pieces of equipment are stunning and are sure to draw a crowd at any fun day or event.

Lastly we decided on a piece of equipment that would be practically impossible for others to purchase due to the complexity of running it and the associated insurance requirements. We chose our stunning mountain climb which is already going down a storm. Mountain climb stands six metres tall and is provided with all safety equipment and two fully trained instructors.

Year on year we continue to grow, not only in equipment but in our wide and varied customer base. We have built an established team of event staff that are capable of delivering a first class service to complement our first class equipment, at any event across Northern Ireland. If you want to book your whole event from one supplier and want a stand out event, then Funky Fun is the company for you!

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