Bouncy castle hire Belfast and safety

Here at Funky Fun we have attended and passed our RPII operators Exam and put safety at the forefront of our business.

Unfortunately in Northern Ireland most hirers do not follow the rules set out in the British standards and seem to be a law onto themselves. Putting profit before safety and in turn putting your children’s lives at stake.

Here are just a few things to look for when hiring.

1.Each inflatable should have an annual inspection and test certificate issued.

2.Each anchor point is secured properly using pegs on grass or bolts on hard surfaces! A total of 165kg per anchor point is required.


3.Inflatables cannot be set up in wind speeds or gust exceeding 24mph!

This is the speed at which it becomes unsafe for children to use.

4.Users numbers on each inflatable should be adhered to, this is stop overcrowding and accidents from occurring.

5.A minimum of five million public liability insurance is required.

All of the above points invalidate insurance and mean that if ANY accidents occur there is no cover at all. We will continue to provide a transparent service and push safety to the forefront of our business. For any other information please get in touch.

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